Dr. Salteri graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 1990 from the University of Pisa, general practitioner affiliated with the NHS since September 1993, currently enrolled in the Order of Surgeons and Dentists of the Province of Pordenone at no. 2147, recognized as an expert in chiropractic by the Belluno Professional Order in 2007, is a founding member of the Italian Section of the International College of Statics. After a long series of studies (among others Master's courses in Chinese medicine at the University of Bologna, various courses orthoptics, speech therapy, auriculotherapy, kinesiotaping, digitized baropodometry, stabilometry, Bernard Bricot's Global Postural Reprogramming) deepened his posturological training on the interpretation of dynamic stabilometry on a Bessou receiver whose interpretation is due to him and who has it led to devise Interdisciplinary Vector Posturology® and its own treatment for saccadic and chase proximal ocular hypoconvergence and flawed swallowing through the use of a proprioceptive lingual disorder. International patent holder for the use in the posturological field of a material capable of reflecting the frequency of the far infrared emitted by our body (so-called Permanent Rebalancing with Visual, Dermal, Trigeminal, Podalic Entrance: RIPI-V®, RIPI-C®, RIPI-T®, RIPI-P®) has been invited to participate in national and international conferences including (the complete list in the attached curriculum) 14th Mediterranean Congress of Sports Medicine: “Athlete Clinical Evaluation” 14th Mediterranean Congress of Sports Medicine in 2015 in Favignana; II German Posturology Days "Posturology in developmental age" in Ischia in 2014; First Euro-American Congress of Posturology and Rehabilitation Medicine in Rome in 2014; 2nd International Congress of Stabilometry & Posturology in Venice in 2013; 5th European Congress for Integrative Medicine of Florence in 2013; in Ischia in 2010 with the patronage of the Federico II University of Naples, Orthodontic Chair. Italian-German Congress of Posturology. Evidence Based on Posturology; Second Belluno International Congress of Posturology in 2010; VI NATIONAL CONFERENCE OF ORTHODONTICS: LAW AND LEGAL MEDICINE of Modena and UPDATE COURSE Univ Federico II Napoli Orthodontic Chair of Agnano in 2010; IV Congress of Integrated Dentistry (ECM) - 1st Meeting of Natural Medicine Masters organized by the University of Rome Tor Vergata, 2nd level Master in Non-Conventional Medicine, 1st level Master in Natural Medicine in collaboration with AMNCO and AIROP in 2007; moderator at the 14th National Congress of the College of Teachers of Dentistry; 2006 International 'Up-to-date on Posturology' Congress in Padua; XX International Conference on Holistic Vision under the patronage of the Municipality of Genoa Department of Culture in 2005 He also taught courses at various Italian universities such as Torvergata and Sapienza in Rome and the University of Pavia as well as in collaboration with EIDON- Banca degli Occhi del Veneto, AIRAS (Associazione Itaiana Research and Scientific Update), AMNCO (Association of Non-Conventional Medicines), CIES (International College of Statics Studies), AIEV (Italian Association of Visual Educators), Optopiù Consortium, Sprintit srl, He collaborated in the drafting of the Thesis in Orthodontics at the University of Cagliari Academic Year 2011-2012. Supervisor prof Vincenzo Piras Supervisor prof Massimo Ronchin Graduating Dr. Nadia Pavin entitled "Minimization of Orthodontic Stress on alterations of Extraocular Musculature in school age by applying an emitting membrane in the far infrared" He was Co-Supervisor in the thesis discussed at University of Udine - Degree Course in Motor Sciences Academic Year 2010-2011. Speaker prof Davide Anchisi; graduating Yari Tenth titled: "Influence of Postural Tonic System Alterations in Movement Dynamics" He was co-supervisor in the Degree Thesis discussed at the University of Ferrara - Degree Course in Motor Sciences Academic Year 2007-2008. Realtor prof Gaetano Caruso Laureanda Elena Fadigà entitled "Influence of commercial insoles on the maintenance of the balance of the postural tonic system." He was co-supervisor in the Degree Thesis discussed at the University of Padua - Degree Course in Speech Therapy. Academic Year 2005-2006 Pres. Prof. Anna Maria Laverda, Supervisor Prof. Carmen Schiavon, Graduating Speech Therapist Cristina Zatta, entitled: "The role of the speech therapist in the treatment of disorders of functions related to alterations of the Postural Tonic System" He acquired extensive experience especially in the stabilometric field with over 2000 patients studied, but also with other equipment