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Gianluca Carbone has been the first in Italy to study the scientific basis of the method that leads Spain to become the strongest nation in the world in the last 20 years. During the stage he will explain the metodological basis and the main didactic exercises to improve with this method. This activity will be complete with specific exercises of physical preparation applied to tennis.

In collaboration with Tennis Consulting by Fabrizio Caldarone and Il Tennis Italiano.


After the start at Tc Montecchia Padova by Andrea Corsini, at Grande Slam in Rome by Alberto Antonucci and Enzo Centola, in Quero Belluno by Roberto Durante and at Tc Aosta by Vincenzo Gerbino, during the Challenger in Alessandria by Massimo Botrini with the participation of Elena Bovina has started autumn winter season.
In July International Stage again in Quero, a whole week for Gilly’s Academy players from Malta and players and masters coming from all the North of Italy and the special participation of John, one of the strongest boys in Tanzania, selected by Fabrizio Caldarone for the project Davis Cup in Tanzania 2014.
We started in October at Tc Velletri by Davide Di Sarra with the participation of a good group of juniores and adults.

We moved to Rome for a whole day for the UISP national masters course with the professional organization of Erasmo Palma and Giacomo Paleni and the important participation of Alberto Castellani.
Then in Jesolo at Play Village da Magnus Norman where participated a lot of local schools, but also from Verona and Friuli Venezia Giulia. Great importance was given to the lottery for the Project Tennis Tanzania which aspire to develop tennis in this country.

Exclusive stage with the comparison between Spanish and American method during the International Workshop at Centro Pavesi in Milan with parallelisms and differences between Salvador Sosa and Ean Meyer's physical preparation and Luis Bruguera and Gabe Jaramillo's method.