Gianluca Carbone with José Maria Diaz, Lorenzo Giustino and Albert Ramos Vinolas at US Open 2019

GIANLUCA CARBONE Coach and Physical Trainer

                              FROM BEGINNERS TO CHAMPIONS

....If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster and treat those two impostors just the same....


Trust a highly qualified technical staff composed by:

  • ATP/WTA/ITF Coaches   
  • National Masters FIT
  • Physical trainers graduated in Sport Science
  • Professional PTR

With Tennis Consulting we managed and coached professional players as Olivier Rochus and Elena Bovina

Gianluca Carbone was Coach and Physical Trainer of Lorenzo Giustino, Atp 127 and in the Albert Ramos Vinolas Atp 17 Team.

He is currently engaged with Albert Ramos Vinolas ex 17 ATP and world No. 640 Estonian ATP player Kristjan Tamm and other young tennis players aged 10 and up. Since 2023 our main focus is on competitive junior to adult players. If your goal is tennis competition, you will receive a 360-degree treatment from the technical-tactical to the physical and mental area. However, the promotion of tennis in every area remains our daily target.

Tennis at Piazza dei Signori


Tennis is an open-skills sport, it trains reaction to continual game changes, leading to development of movements creativity. Starting from game situation and moved by competition, the player will develop problem solving skills.

Tennis strengthens individuality and inculcates respect for the rules. (When you win and you lose, it's up to you).

It promotes socialization. You train in group, you play alone and in a team, you travel and you learn about different societies and cultures.

It's complete because, supported by adequate physical training, improves all muscles, strengthening the basic kinetics patterns and developing coordination and conditional skills.

                                    Gianluca Carbone


Carbone Tennis Team has as goals:

  • Tennis growth and complete training of children and teenagers from 5 years old on
  • Training in every aspect of players on the way of professionalism
  • Organization of promo-advertising events in tennis field
  • Promotion of tennis at schools following ministerial programs
  • Cultural-sport contact with Academies all over the world

The Carbone Tennis Team philosophy is training athletes with customized programs for every age group following these points:

  1. Prevention
    1. foot control, baropodometric and proprioception, making of corrective ergonomic orthotics
    2. customized diet with specific examinations
    3. sport medical visit
    4. postural control in orthopedic and physiotherapic center
    5. meetings about prevention of youth social problems
  2. Psychomotor:
    1. fill gaps, depending on junior athlete's age, in basic motor patterns, delays in the lateralization, coordination and conditional skills (eg. interferences about dominant hand choice, lack of balance or reactivity, rough running technique, lack of resistance, etc.)
    2. global physical training, specific physical training on court, outdoor, in the gym
  3. Tennis training
  4. Socialization: we organize events, stages in academies, visits at international tournaments
  5. Discipline and relationship with parents: we try to teach the meaning of discipline and sacrifice interacting with parents who share our educational policy and update us on the athlete life problems outside the tennis center
Stage with Francesca Schiavone

Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Tennis Treviso

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